Boat (MT install hangup solution)

Venetian Night, a few weeks ago. Yes, I've posted two in a day, so go check out the previous one.

Kodak Elite Chrome, cross processed.

Entered into this week's Photo Friday: Chaos.

EDIT: If you're having some trouble installing Moveable Type 3.2, here's some help (also posted on the forums):

I've noticed a bunch of people having the same error when upgrading.

When you go to "initialize" you system after you've installed all of your files, many people's upgrade stalls at the screen that says

"Upgrading database from version 3.1"

People have suggested that you move your packaged "mt-static" directory to ""

This only works for people who have that directory set as your static directory in your old installation!

If your mt.cfg file has the static directory pointing somewhere else, (e.g., mine was then you need to put the contents of the packaged "mt-static" directory into the static directory that you specified in your mt.cfg.

I hope this helps people.

Posted August 26, 2005 in Chicago, IL, Lomo LC-A